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Checking In

Postby Hand of Doom » Mon Mar 12, 2018 5:19 pm

Howdy All - Thought I would check in and let everyone know how things were going. Some of you know I was in a motorcycle accident in November 2013 and dealt with that and off work for like 4 months. Went back to work and got into a fight with two burglary suspects and was kicked in the head, neck and shoulder. This was my fourth day back to work.... Basically, reversed all the work to get me healthy and caused many new injuries. I was off work and/or working lite duty for almost a year. Still dealing with the pain, I began hating my job. There was other things but think the pain was making me hate everything. In October 2016 My wife and I decided to make a change and move to Hawaii. She quickly got a job and moved to the Big Island. Our daughter also lives here so she stayed with her until I could get the house sold. I was intending to stay in Seattle for a least a year, but one day got called into a meeting and I didn't like the bullshit being dealt, so I informed them I was retiring. Gave my two weeks and have never looked back.

I have been here in Hawaii for a year now. We purchased a house in November and things are great! Health is much better and attitude has improved 100%! Being retired at age 51 has pissed a lot of ppl off and get odd looks from new people we meet, but too bad, I'm now the official beach bum, house-husband. Just pulled out my computer out of a box today, thus the reason for the update. Thinking about doing some gaming when not at the beach. Any new, good games?


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Re: Checking In

Postby xKaMIkaZex » Sun Mar 18, 2018 7:38 am

Hey man, hope you're enjoying the beach bum life and hope you don't have any lasting effects from your injuries. I don't know how you guys do the police work nowadays and I respect the hell outta all of you that do it or have done it.

I don't get much gaming in any more. If I'm lucky I get a couple hours in the mornings on the weekend before the little ones wake up and want my attention. I know I've seen several people playing warframe, free to play but the closest I've got is downloading it and finally getting all the updates.

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