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Quisp Update

Postby Quisp » Fri Jun 12, 2009 12:00 pm

I thought I would cover a couple of my threads with just one update.

As for my new computer, all is running well under Windows 7.
DoDs runs at over 100+ FPS
I have found drivers or all the software I need so far with no problems.
If I do run into a problem there is simple work arounds, like using Vista
64bit software, or running the software in compatibillity mode. Or it just
works even if it might be XP software. So far no problems.

As for CD ripping, Windows 7 has it built in with 320bit rate and with file
naming options that work perfectly. It will also get the album art
automatically. After setting the options all I need to do is put the audio cd
in and it will rip and eject ready for the next cd. About 1 minute per cd and
with the auto naming and it organized things prefectly. A true no-brainer.

Now the only issues I had so far, came from Newegg. I purchased a combo
deal with the mobo and gpu. The gpu was open box so I bitched and they
were willing to RMA it, but I didn't want to wait, so they gave me a $25 credit
on my next purchase. I'm still very pissed though. And Newegg is on my
only buy from if I need too list now, as this is the second F*up in a very
short time. I think the Egg got to big and is starting to crack.

All-in-all with everything so far, things are running great and I have had
no problems with anything. 8)

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