Woodstock's 40th Anniversary

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Woodstock's 40th Anniversary

Postby Quisp » Fri Aug 07, 2009 11:29 pm

Woodstock's 40th Anniversary

I had an idea when I found this out.

Sirius XM is haveing this 3-days of Woodstock

So if you have Sirius, then cool, you get some kick ass tunes for a few
days. But if you don't have Sirius XM then you can sign up for their Internet
7-day FREE trial.

So like, later in the week, (because it starts on 8/14) sign up and use the
7-day FREE trial. so you can listen to the Woodstock stuff (8/14-16) .

(Don't sign up yet or you will use up your 7-day trial before the airing finishes.

This works with just Internet or on ipod touch/iphones and other smartphones.

Rock On & Peace Out

GO Sirius

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