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Retro Gamer Magazine

Postby UW Ness » Sun Feb 19, 2012 3:52 pm

I don't know how many of you read gaming magazines, but here's a really good one I've been into for a while called Retro Gamer.

The website kinda sucks but the magazine itself is super legit. Every month there's random articles on various retro games and consoles. Really good read, tons of content, and it's very well put together. The magazine quality in terms of paper quality and stuff is very nice, much better than any US based gaming mag I've read (this one is from the UK). It's almost like a thin paperback book.

I've been buying the issues at Barnes and Noble along with another UK game magazine from the same publisher called GamesTM which covers current gaming stuff, they're pricey at $10 per issue each but it's so worth it. Makes all the other US magazines seem like shit in comparison. But I just subscribed to both for a pretty good deal, if you use coupon code 'YOUTUBE' for Retro Gamer and 'USA' for GamesTM it takes $50 off a 13 issue subscription for each, so it's like $70 each. Better than $120 a year each from Barnes and Noble, and supposedly the issues in the mail come in good condition too (at Barnes and Noble they're in perfect shape).

Here's the publisher website for where you subscribe:

Anyway just a heads up for anyone who likes reading physical magazines and is into retro video games (though there are digital issues on iPhone/iPad too).

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