Woot for Snowsports/Outdoors

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Woot for Snowsports/Outdoors

Postby UW Ness » Tue Sep 23, 2008 9:43 pm


Outdoor gear mostly, my friend got a Arcteryx snow shell jacket, normally like $500, for $230. Gonna keep an eye on it.

Whiskey Militia, which is pretty much the same but they focus on snowboarding related stuff.

Tramdock for skiing related stuff.

Chainlove for biking related stuff.

They're like woot in that they sell one item at a time for really cheap, but different in that they switch to a new item when the current one sells out, instead of waiting til the next day. They also sell other products at the same time for a good price, but not as good as their main item.

They're all owned by backcountry.com, which sells snowsports gear. They own dogfunk.com too, which sells snowboarding stuff.

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