please unban me, i'm not a tker

If you were banned from one of our servers, plea your case here.
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please unban me, i'm not a tker

Postby plowking3777 » Mon Sep 24, 2007 12:16 am

hey guys... i just got ban for accidentally killing my teammate. It was on jagd at around 1am on Sunday, Sept 23rd. It was totally by accident, i was just smoking some pot and a guy jumped out in front of me and i panicked! I guess maybe the reason was that it was kinda close to spawn. It was just after you get the dinomaite, and then i went to the left, and the allied were really pressing hard, there was gun fire all around and i accentally shot a guy. but it wasn't like it was in the spawn or anything... i have no idea why i should have gotten ban for that. i was typing sorry, but i got ban within a few sec and didn't get the chance. ... anyways, i'm not a TKer, this is the first time this has ever happened to me before. I used to play on here this sever all the time, and my new roommate loves to play on this server. So ya, please forgive me, i'll try and be more careful next time, but i can assure you that i never intentionally TK and i used to be pretty good with the german rifle. anyways, my roommate and i love playing on POW, we get really good pings and it's the best server by far that we get. so please please unban me :)

my steam id is:


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